Features I'd like to see in Sauerbraten

I love the game Sauerbraten. But I can think of lots of ways I think it could be improved. I'll of course try to help this happen, and might update this list (and add suggestions!).

1. Proper gravity (including flying objects, perhaps toggle gravity of objects)
2. Fire hurts
3. Gunge/Poison
4. Circles/spheres easy creation
5. Saving of objects/big stuff for later
6. Admin coop AKA Play God - in which only the master can use editmode - great fun for "playing god" and wreaking havoc when no one else can.
7. Heightmaps in multiplayer (H key)
8. Breath (eg you die underwater after a while, like in Quake)
9. More ambient soundtracks, ambient noises.
10. Button triggers (eg you press or shoot something and something happens).
11. Proper doors that open or swing
12. Moving objects (automatic or manual via button/trigger) - eg trains.
13. Large walls of teleport material, for e.g. trains, yourselves.
14. Materials that change to others after a certain time, e.g. noclip slowly to air
15. Door keys
16. Liquid viscosity
17. No glitching when you try to put a hole in a pyramid
18. More human models
19. Gun reloading sequences
20. Auto getmap/sendmap (Getmap when you join, sendmap when someone else joins)
21. Master newmap restriction
22. Grappling hook
23. Item capture - person who captures most items without being killed wins.
24. Marks on walls from chainsaw
25. Flamethrower
26. Gravity gun
27. Physics gun
28. Time/space warping (global/local/gun) (haha)
29. Shield/Disarming field
30. Turrets
31. Vehicles
32. Flammable items/materials (e.g. wood) with degrading.
33. M/F Voices (inc. player), not just "captured" but also "lacerated" etc.
34. Female models?
35. Customisable music
36. Panic mode (Fuzzy/red view when player has too much adrenaline)


Xenon Web Desktop Alpha2 Released

The web desktop Xenon released version Alpha2 today. The release announcement from the website reads:

"Changes from Alpha include many security fixes (including SQL injection), the addition of the Chatroom app,
Pictures app, width autoscaling, new tab launching, easier installation and various visual tweaks.

Please either use the online version, or download to your server. Please help by submitting bugs, patches,
new apps, icons, etc to xenon@dandart.co.uk. Thank you."

Xenon is a web desktop, which means that all your applications, work and settings are stored on the web.
It can be run from any Internet-connected computer by browsing to the Xenon server or from your own server
(in the case that you want a private instance, or want it installed into a netbook in the case where you do
not have Internet connectivity). Eventually syncing support will be brought in which allows you to sync your
settings and files to and from your local instance and the main server. Other features currently available include:

* Audio player (featuring HTML5 Vorbis audio)
* Video player (featuring HTML5 Theora video)
* Picture viewer
* Email (including within Xenon and outgoing email)
* Blog
* Chatroom (Public, open to all on the same instance)
* Notes application
* Friends application for social features
* My Files, to upload various types of file
* Wallpaper switcher

Upcoming features include:

* Settings syncing and importing
* A small footprint netbook/touchbook operating system to run on
* Many others

To try the system out for yourself, you can try the demo or download the software to your server.

Please send patches, icons, ideas, apps, et al to xenon@dandart.co.uk

The project's website is at http://xenon.kevinghadyani.com or a shorter version: http://hackerlanes.com